Eugene Aminer.

For the first time you’ll cheat positively: Here’s your Brand Cheat Sheet.

Name & Tagline

What name is easy to remember? What domain name extension will we use? What’s our tagline that will give an understanding of what we do at a glance?

Fonts & Colors

Which colors create the feel we want for our brand users? What fonts will script our character?

Logo / Identity

What symbols and icons will help people identify our brand ? What identity elements will be associated with our brand?


Who are you? What do you do? Why do you do it? How do you do it? Proof that you’ve done it, opt-it/ Conversion type/ Goal

Design Platform

Which platform will best suit what we want to achieve? WordPress, Wix, YouTube, Google My Business etc. What social media platforms will be relevant to what we want to do?

Platform Hosting

Where will we host our content? Is it Google cloud platform, shared hosting or other forms of hosting.

if you have it all, you all set. Goodluck!

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