Eugene Aminer.

Creative Sh*t

I mean let’s give it a Shot

Want to go big online huh!

1st Things First

I understand you want to go big online fast but do you have what it takes? Don’t tell me “Go to this site you’ll get all the content” COME ON! you’re better than that.

Let's ready the content

What’s your name? Where are you located? When did you start? What’s Your Tagline?

Do you sell? Blog? Provide Service? What is it you do?

What motivates you to do what you do? Fox, give a solid reason here.

What’s your process of delivering what you do? Clearly state this. It raises expectation and their anticipation to interact with you.

Do you have reviews? ratings, testimonials? or you offer free first consultation. 

At the end of it all do you want to sell, or people to book your services or buy your items? Contact you? What’s your end goal?